Thursday, May 24, 2007

4 offers later, no house, 2 of them went for way over asking price and too high for me, hm, should this very little woman move to mid city? is this the next up and coming area, will we gentrify it? will there be stores with stuff that is completely overpriced and pretty people walking around? echo park is getting too expensive for me, so what other alternatives to i have?

i also want a deal, i can't help it, my mom grew up poor and raised me with that mind set, i need a deal and i need to not waste anything, my mom is so funny, so i waited out the crazy housing market, but it still seems crazy to me

i just saw an excellent house in Glassel Park, but it is too far from work, i don't think i can compromise this much, since i tend to stick, but i'm considering

i have an idea, can a few of us in a similar socio-economic class (any creed or color), who like art/music/fashion and will take care of our house get together to take over a neighborhood that needs love? i'll love my house if you love yours

as soon as i fret too much over my house situation, i think of someone who recently told me i was lucky to even be at a place in my life where i could consider buying a house, yes, thank you, i'm unmarried and trying to buy a house all under my name, it does feel good to even think i can try to make this happen for myself