Thursday, February 02, 2006

JPL Wildlife

Sometimes my job takes me to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) for the day. I always enjoy going there. The Lab is like a school campus, but they are right on the mountainside. It goes nature, JPL, then Pasadena to be very simplistic.

In the morning the deer are out. They just cruise around the Lab. I've surprised them around a corner or two, and they just pop their heads up, then walk away. Sometimes there will be a couple of fawns as well - they are so damn cute. You have to be careful when getting in your car because sometimes they will lay down against your car wheel. I have a few pics of the JPL deer.

Today I went to see an Engineer and there was a huge, hairy brown spider next to his nameplate outside his office. It wasn't a brown recluse. It looked dead so I gently touched one of its legs, and it slowly pulled it's leg away from my finger.

Maybe that is what I like, the spiders, deer, lizards, etc. are all pretty damn mellow on Lab. The Engineers don't bug them, and they don't bug the Engineers. It's a good atmosphere there.

The JPL Engineers seem to really love what they do so it's fun to learn about their projects and help them with the best tech toys. Plus, they are so smart - it's like they glow with intelligence. Oh yeah, they love UNIX and OS X so I appreciate this as well.

They all make up the wildlife @ JPL.